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Hopf Ice Wheat Beer (Eis Weiss)

The only ice wheat in Malaysia

That’s truly “Hip-Hop’s” Style. The only ICE WHEAT available in Malaysia (excess water will be extracted by way of freezing and flavor and body is increased) is certainly a winning beer celebrity with young and not so young, from Beer Garden to fine dine restaurant. Tastes best direct from the bottle!

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A very nice, crisp, clean and refreshing beer to start off a night. Lively carbonation lead to a pleasant mouthfeel with complex flavors. Honestly, this is pretty damn easy to drink!

Basic Information
Serving Suggestions
Our Hopf Ice Wheat Beer, brewed with the finest quality ingredient should be enjoyed with the best food

From Seafood BBQ to mild cheese - from Mediterrean to Pacific Rim-this beer fit’s quite well with summer food.